Monday, November 20, 2017
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Laurie and Andy want to start their family, and are frustrated that she has not gotten pregnant yet.  She has often heard the phrase “you are what you eat”, and has decided it is time for both of them to focus on their fertility diet. She has been charting her menstrual cycles diligently, but no amount of making love during her most fertile days has helped them.  Maybe this will be the answer.  But what are they going to have to give up? What are the 10 Key Things to Avoid in My Fertility Diet? What you eat is very important.  See the article: “What Are The 10 Most Important... (Read More ...)

Ann is tired of not getting pregnant month after month.  And she is tired of feeling tired and run down.  She knows she needs to make some changes in her life so she feels better, and has some energy left over to make a baby.  Where to start?! With an excellent fertility diet of course. What you eat (and do not eat) is critically important. Your body absolutely needs good nutrition for everything!  This especially includes your energy, repair and regeneration pathways that you rely on to function and feel good every day. Good nutrition feeds your steroid hormones, which includes your... (Read More ...)

Sophia and Patrick are smart, and want to do everything they can to maximize their health before and during pregnancy.  They want a healthy, happy baby and want the pregnancy to go well.  They also want to get pregnant easily.  So they have decided not just to believe the hype of the prenatal vitamin company marketing.  They want to really understand the most important nutrients and the best sources of those nutrients.  Are you as motivated as Sophia and Patrick? Nutrition has a profound effect on the fertility of both men and women, and on the proper growth and development of your fetus. Are... (Read More ...)

Who would have believed she would enjoy the taste of fermented cod liver oil? Certainly not Carrie herself. But that is just how she feels now.  She started taking it on the recommendation that it would help her get pregnant, supplying some of the most important prenatal vitamins in the form of whole food natural vitamins. And she loves the way it makes her feel, with more energy and vitality than she’s had since she was a teenager. You may have heard tales of your grandmother having to take her spoonful of this revered oil throughout her childhood. If that grandmother also had a good whole... (Read More ...)

Rita loves salt. She would rather eat something salty than any other flavor, even choosing salty over sweet. But she feels guilty, having been told that she should choose low salt foods. She wants to do whatever she can to support her health, as she wants desperately to get pregnant. The salt you should avoid is the refined white table salt that is commonly available and used today. This salt is over 99% sodium chloride, and not at all the same as the unrefined salt that has been an important part of the human diet forever. The process of salt refining involves removing minerals, high heat and... (Read More ...)

Are you confused about what good nutrition actually is?  Do you wonder what you should believe from all the conflicting claims about what to eat?  Have you tried many a diet and stopped because they did not work for you?  Are you concerned that eating healthy meals means eating things that don’t taste good? Good nutrition is actually very simple.  It is eating whole, fresh real foods just as nature intended.  When they come from an environment that fosters the best health for that animal or plant, and they are properly prepared, these foods are delicious and nutritious. This... (Read More ...)

Ashley has been doing her best to make changes to her fertility diet, knowing it is important when embarking on such an important task as having a baby.  Thoughts of that beautiful baby keep her motivated every day.  She wants to be as healthy as she can to give her child the best start in life possible. If only she was pregnant already, she would be a very happy woman.  She has been keeping an ovulation calendar to track her signs of ovulation and identify her most fertile days.  She had the brilliant idea to add her healthy diet plan to this calendar, and that has helped a lot. Should I... (Read More ...)

Robin and George have been health conscious for a long time, and have looked for ways to eat right as part of this commitment.  They have often heard from the alternative health sources that dairy products are bad.  Now that they are trying to conceive, they are wondering why dairy is pushed so much as part of a fertility diet.  After doing some research they realize that dairy is an excellent source of the most needed vitamins and minerals. Should Dairy Products Be Part of My Fertility Diet? Are dairy products unhealthy? The reason dairy products have gotten such a bad rap is because... (Read More ...)

Joan wants to get pregnant easily, have a healthy pregnancy, and a happy, healthy baby.  She wants to know what the critical factors are that help make this possible.  She knows on some level that nutrition is important.  But which nutrients are critical, and what are the best ways to get those nutrients? Why is Vitamin A One of the Critical Prenatal Vitamins? vitamin A is essential for fertility and fetal development sex hormones cervical fluid follicles sperm prevent miscarriage organ development immune system Vitamin A is necessary for the proper production of sex hormones. ... (Read More ...)

Kathy is wondering whether she needs to take prenatal vitamins, or if it is just a bunch of hype.  She feels fine, and eats a decent diet, so she isn’t sure it is really necessary for her.  She really doesn’t like swallowing pills anyway. Are Prenatal Vitamins Necessary? The nutrients are certainly necessary, but to take fractionated isolated vitamins is absolutely not the same thing.  Why is nutrition important?  Because it will help you to conceive naturally, have a healthy pregnancy, an uncomplicated birth, and a healthy baby.  Good nutrition comes first and foremost from food.... (Read More ...)