Monday, November 20, 2017
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Jeff and Erica want a baby, but after over a year of trying Erica is still not pregnant.  Jeff was shocked to learn that the problem might be his.  After doing a bit of research, he understands that he might not have adequate sperm.  Jeff wants to use a sperm test kit at home first and see what that shows before going any further.  He is not quite ready for the potential embarrassment of seeing his doctor about this issue. One-third of the time couples are unable to get pregnant due to male infertility.  An additional 20% of the time it is both the man and the woman, and 10% of the... (Read More ...)

Steve has done 3 sperm tests (semen analyses) as recommended, just to be sure.  He can hardly believe it.  Can he really have a fertility problem?  All three tests indicate that he has a low sperm count.  Now he is wondering how to increase sperm count, a subject he never contemplated before. He has always thought of himself as virile and invincible, but now that he wants to be a father he realizes he may need to rethink how he is living his life. What does a semen analysis check for? Amount of semen (volume) Number of sperm in the semen (sperm count) Quality of sperm Because semen... (Read More ...)

Tom and Sarah have been trying to conceive for over a year.  Sarah finally asked her gynecologist for help, and to both of their surprise they learned that the problem might be Tom’s.  When he had a thorough exam by his primary care doctor, Tom found out he has a varicocele (VAR-ih-koe-seel).  He hadn’t even noticed, but now that he knows about it he can feel it.  The next step is to figure out what their options are, because this may or may not be the actual reason Sarah has not gotten pregnant yet.  Time to do some investigation. Are You Trying to Conceive with a Varicocele? ... (Read More ...)

Chris had a vasectomy while in a previous marriage, and now he and Tammy want children.  They have decided to proceed with a vasectomy reversal, assuming that it will be successful and they will get the family they dream of.  But Chris is wondering what is involved, and is not looking forward to it. Can We Get Pregnant After a Vasectomy Reversal? A vasectomy reversal reconnects the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles into the semen With current techniques sperm returns to the semen in approximately 71 to 97% of men Approximately 50%  of couples subsequently achieve a pregnancy The... (Read More ...)

Male infertility? The last thing that comes to mind when a couple are trying to conceive and cannot. Greg is feeling impatient.  He’s beginning to think something is wrong with Lucy that she hasn’t gotten pregnant yet.  They stopped using birth control two years ago, surely it should have happened by now. He thought back to their marriage four years ago, and their dreams of the beautiful children they would have some day.  Getting pregnant should not be this difficult. When Lucy went in for her annual gynecological exam she discussed wanting to be pregnant with her doctor. ... (Read More ...)